Alex Helling

UK flag 28 - London, United Kingdom
  • Research
  • International Relations / History / Politics
  • English
Alex is the editor of Debatabase and has helped run the World Online Debating Championships for three years. Alex would welcome any questions about specific content for a debate such as facts, figures, examples etc. If you are having difficulty coming up with possible ideas for arguments then he may be able to point you in the right direction. Alex can also help with questions about how to conduct your research, as well as writing debate arguments, and will happily try to direct you to any content that is on the idebate website that you may find useful and relevant to your question.

Manos Moschopoulos

Greece flag 27 - London, United Kingdom
  • British Parli, Karl Popper, World Schools
  • Best ESL Speaker, WUDC 2010
  • Assistant Chief Adjudicator, EUDC 2012
  • Politics / Communication
  • English, French, Greek
Manos has been a debate trainer and organiser since 2003, having conducted trainings in Central and Eastern Europe, organised large-scale debating events in the Balkans and worked as a Forensics instructor for two large high schools in his native Athens. For the IDEA network, Manos has been producing external communications, coordinating international debate programmes such as Debate@Europe and holding and coordinating trainings in Europe and Africa. Manos is an experienced debater, having won the Best ESL Speaker title at the World Universities Debating Championships and has been the Chief Adjudicator of numerous tournaments across Britain and Europe. He is currently the Vice President of the European Universities Debating Council and the President of the University of London Union Debating Society.

Steven Nolan

Ireland flag 28 - London, United Kingdom
  • British Parliamentary, World Schools
  • Finalist, EUDC 2007
  • Deputy Chief Adjudicator, EUDC 2011
  • Law / Criminal Justice
  • English, French, Irish
Steven Nolan joined IDEA in July 2012, as the Youth Forum Director, having previously been involved in debating for over 12 years, as a speaker, judge, coach and competition and event organiser. Steven has coached in over 15 countries, and worked with young people and adult of all backgrounds and ability levels. Steven is a European University Debating Championships Finalist and Deputy Chief Adjudicator, a World University Debating Championships Octo-Finalist and semi final judge, and has been president of the European University Debating Council, and a member of the steering committee of Cork World University Debating Championships 2009. Before coming to work for IDEA Steven was the Youth Education and University Programmes Manager at the English-Speaking Union, and the Campaigns and Compliance Officer for Fianna Fail in Dublin. He holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from University College Cork.

George Trigatzis

Greece flag 21 - London, United Kingdom
  • British Parliamentary, World Schools
  • Semifinalist and Best ESL team, WSDC 2009
  • DCA, Durham Schools 2012
  • Politics, Philosophy and Economics
  • English, French, Greek
George was the Debating Competitions Secretary for the Durham Union Society in 2010-11, organising and coordinating all of Durham's debating competitions, which are among the best attended in England. These include the largest schools competition worldwide, the Durham Schools Debating Competition, which George was a Deputy Chief Adjudicator of in 2012. His involvement with debating began in 2004 as a member of the Forensics Club of the St. Catherine's British Embassy School in Athens. During his school years, George reached the semi-finals and was part of the best ESL team of the World Schools Debating Championships in 2009, was the national champion in the Oral Interpretation of Literature, a finalist in Duet Acting and a quarterfinalist in WSDC format debating in Greece. Alongside speech and debate, George has a number of other interests, including playing on Greece's national cricket team and being a certified level 1 basketball referee.


Anne Valkering

Netherlands flag 32 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • American Parli, British Parliamentary
  • ESL Champion, WUDC 2008
  • Assistant Chief Adjudicator, WUDC 2014
  • International Relations and Politics
  • Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian
Anne is a 2008 WUDC ESL Champion, a 2006 Euros quarterfinalist, and has broken in the ESL category at the 2006, 2007 and 2008 European Championships representing Bonaparte (Amsterdam). She has extensive adjudication and coaching experience in the Netherlands and Europe. She was a member of the CA team at the Dutch national championships and competitions all across Europe, including in Kiev, Le Havre, Bremen and Moscow. In addition, she is one of the most experienced debate event and tournament organisers in the circuit, having convened the Amsterdam European Universities Debating Championship in 2010.


Georgi Velkovski

Macedonia flag 24 - Skopje, Macedonia
  • British Parliamentary, Karl Popper
  • Winner, Budapest Open 2012
  • Chief Adjudicator, Macedonia Open 2010
  • Management and Organisational Sciences
  • English, Macedonian, Serbian
Georgi is the coordinator of YEF's national British Parliamentary debating programme in Macedonia. As a speaker, he has won the Budapest Open in 2012 and the 2006 Macedonian National Debate Championship and broke at the International Debate Academy in Slovenia in 2010. Georgi has been the Tabulation Officer for the IDEA Global Youth Forum since 2009 and has tabbed and organised dozens of other tournaments in his native Macedonia. He also has 5 years of experience as an event and programme coordinator for the Youth educational Forum, including projects that involved the organisation of public debates, the establishment of youth centres in cities across the country, NGO public relations services, soft skills training and curriculum development.