As we aim to help debaters get access to experienced coaches and trainers from all over the world, IDEA London has launched the first online mentoring platform for idebate.org users from all over the world.

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Debating is rapidly gaining popularity in campuses and classrooms throughout the world; new debating societies and public speaking programmes are emerging all the time, and in the least likely of places. Now more than ever, debaters and students in developing democracies and isolated locations are seeking support, advice and encouragement to enable them to debate more effectively and build strong traditions of public discourse in their communities.

This is where we come in.  Our goal is to help debaters in far-flung places gain the expertise they need through a progam of mentors.  The mentoring scheme uses idebate.org’s social network to put new societies and novice debaters in touch with veteran speakers, convenors and adjudicators from around the world. Mentoring volunteers will offer up-and-coming societies advice on all aspects of debating, from the rules and roles of different debate formats, through to research techniques and tips on tournament administration.